It Just Happened: Photographs by Bob Colacello

It Just Happened is the personal collection of photographs and handwritten inscriptions from Bob Colacello, editor of Interview Magazine (1971- 1983), which he took with a Minox camera between the late seventies and the early eighties. It captures a time and a place, and the intersection of New York City socialites, intellectuals with a strong focus on the crowd that surrounded Andy Warhol. Candid images of Robert Mapplethorpe, Paloma Picasso, Jerzy Kosinski, Robert Rauschenberg, Raquel Welch, Truman Capote, Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter, Joseph Beuys and Andy, Andy, Andy.

◦  12" x 9 6/8"
◦  280 pages
◦ Ivory Press

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