Making Strange: The Chara Schreyer Collection

Collected over three decades, Making Strange is the collection of Chara Schryer, who presents nearly 250 artworks from the span of 100 years, dealing with perception and what we see. Marcel Duchamp, Diane Arbus, Donald Judd, Georgia O'Keefe, Larry Bell and many more are part of this Los Angeles based private art collection.

From DelMonico Books. Edited with text by Hanneke Skerath and Douglas Fogle and foreword by Chara Schreyer along with text by Geoff Dyer, Briony Fer, Russell Ferguson, Elena Filipovic, Charlie Fox, Bruce Hainley, Eungie Joo, Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer, Annie Ochmanek, Jenelle Porter, Joan Rothfuss, Lynne Tillman, Mika Yoshitake.

◦ 13" x 9”
◦ 431 pages
◦ DelMonico Books

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