Heart Pendant with Crown Love Locket

This heat shaped pendant brings together symbols of ancient myths of kings, queens, knights and crusades,  A cross pattée on a heart with a crown and a gem stone in the middle. The buckling heart pendant is in 22k gold with beautiful detailing. The cross is the middle is in oxidized silver as is the crown on top and both are adorned with diamonds. In the middle of a cross sits a deep green emerald, and it all hangs on a beautiful chain in oxidized silver. Handmade in California.

◦ 22k Yellow Gold.
◦ Oxidized Silver
◦ White diamond pave
◦ Emerald

 Heart measures 23X18mm, cross is 14x14mm , emerald is 4mm, crown is 8x11mm and hook is 10mm.
◦ Chain is 18.5"
◦ Customization available by special order.

Please contact OK for sizing options and availability.

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