Birds from Brazil Web Selection

Beautifully made fair trade Birds from Brazil.  Modeled after birds from the region, this artisan makes them from reclaimed wood and supports his family by their production. Measurements below include stand.

Saira Apunhaleda - Pintassilgo Americano 4.5"tall x 6 2/8"l 
◦ Crow 5 7/8" tall x 8 1/8" l 
◦ Doura Finch 4 2/8"tall x 6"l 
◦ Azul da Montanha  4 3/8" tall x 6.5"l 
◦ Azul Corijo 4.5"tall x 5 5/8"l 
◦ Green Back Hummingbird  4 3/8" tall x 6"l 
◦ Speckled Green Hummingbird 3 7/8" tall x 5 6/8"l 

We have many more birds in stock Contact OK for more birds not seen online.

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