Finland: Local Surfer Project

Local Surfer Project set out to explore and document unconventional surf communities. The first book tackled Senegal and this second effort explores home, Finland. This gem of a surf book captures not only the mood and muted colors of Finland, but a group of devoted surfers and unflinching humans, who find community and joy in surfing in the cold. Did you know that Finland gets between 40-99 surfing days per year?

Texts by Giovanni Astorino, Juha Sila, Elvis Muhonen, Aino Huotari, Ville Rinta and others. Photos by Giovanni Astorino, Graphic Design by Anna Anundi

◦ 9 2/8" x 6 6/8"
◦ Clothbound
◦ Limited Edition of 800 - each book is numbered 
◦ Close to 180 pages 
◦ Published by Local Surfer Project

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