Uncrating the Japanese House: Junzo Yoshimura, Antonin and Noémi Raymond, and George Nakashima

In 1954 a Japanese post and beam house, built in Nagoya and designed by Junzo Yoshimura was packed up and shipped to NY to be exhibited at MOMA before being moved Pennsylvania. This book is the story of this house and two nearby structures by the same architect known as the residence of Antonin and Noémi Raymond and another that became part of the Quaker Farm home and studio owned by George Nakashima. These structures explore the connection between classic Japanese and modern architecture, highlighting the flow of outdoor and indoor living and the flexibility of materials and space. Edited with text by Yuka Yokoyama and William Whitaker. Text by Elizabeth Felicella and Ken Tadashi Oshima. Photography by Elizabeth Felicella.

◦ 9 6/8" x 9 6/8”
◦ 144 pages
◦ August Editions

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