Bronze "Mezuzah From This Home" - Bialystok Poland

Cast from an impression of pre-WWII  remnants of  a Mezuzah found in Bialystok at Ciepla 8, which was part of the Ghetto . From a Judiaca project in Poland called "Mezuzah From This Home".  Impressions are made of  remnants of Mezuzot found throughout Poland and from these are cast a new Mezuzah in bronze.  Each one recalls the memory of some of the 3.5 million Jews that lived in Poland before WWII, and carries these memories by making these Mezuzahs live again in their original use.  Each is engraved with the address where the casting was taken and comes with and a pictorial booklet with information about the project and photos of the original impression.  

We always have many different ones from many different locations in Poland. Inquire to see their many different forms or for locations that have personal significance. 

◦ 3 6/8" tall (not including tabs) x 7/8" wide x 5/8" deep
◦ Cast Bronze
◦ Made in Poland

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