One Picture Book Two - Vol 2.

Follow up to the immensely popular "One Picture Book" series from boutique publisher Nazraeli press.  Now 4 volumes in one slipcase.  True to the first version, these are limited editionsof 500 each includes an actual 5-7 original print signed by the artists.  

Book #5 Mark Ruwedel - Studio E.R.
Book #6 Jo Ann Callis - Cheap Thrills
Book #7 Michael Mulno - Residential Variations
Book #8 Jan Banning - The Sweating Subject

◦ 8 1/2" x 6" 
◦ 4 Volumes in Slipcase
◦ Edition of 500
◦ Each volume includes one original actual print signed by artist

Volumes can be available individually,  contact OK for price and availability.                                                                

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