Hyejeong Kim Set of Three Torn Pieces

Two torn cups that fit into one another along with an incense burner, all in matte glaze. Hand thrown, signed and one of a kind. Hyejeong Kim a Korean potter currently working in Seoul, but trained in both Japan and Britain combines these three important ceramic art traditions.  A Loewe Craft Prize finalist. 

◦ Tall is 2 3.8" Tall, 4 2/8 at widest
◦ Short is 2" Tall, 3 2/8 at widest ◦ Tall is 2 3.8" Tall, 4 2/8 at widest
◦ Incense burner measures approximately 1" tall 

 Please contact OK for for more work from Hyejeong Kim and other ceramicists. 

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