Birds from Brazil

Beautifully made fair trade Birds from Brazil.  Modeled after birds from the region, this artisan makes them from reclaimed wood and supports his family by their production.

◦ Green with Red Beak 4 2/8"h x 5 7/8"l
◦ Red, Green with Yellow Beak 4.5"h x 6"l
◦ Red, Grey and Black 4"h x 5 5/8"l 
◦ Yellow, Green with Grey Beak 4 3/8"h x 6.5"l
◦ Blue, Yellow with Orange Beak 3 7/8"h x 5 2/8"l
◦ Blue, Black with Grey Beak 4 1/8"h x 5 6/8"l

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