Striped Pillar Candles from British Colour Standard

For the days you don't want monochrome candles there are striped ones from British Color Standard, a company first established in 1931, and then reestablished when two gals discovered an original color dictionary at a thrift store. They brought back the colors under their original names and produce these odorless striped candles with cotton wick. These are single large pillar candles in either Old Rose/Indigo/Pompadour or Olive/Indigo/Jasmine. Fair Trade. Made in Indonesia. Designed in United Kingdom.

Sold as single candles.

◦ 5 7/8" tall, 2 7/8" in diameter 
◦ Non Drip 
◦ Burn time 49 hours

Contact OK for availability and current styles not seen online.

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