Francisco Artigas 1st Edition Monograph

Architect Francisco Artigas was an architect refusing to fit into an ism and created buildings of which some were modernist and others more traditional, but always fit the landscape which was Mexico and California. This is a rare vintage copy of the first edition of Francisco Artigas, a 1972 Monograph from the architect with an introduction by Esther McCoy. This book shares big and bold photographs of both interiors and exteriors from single family homes to hotels and a church renovation, spanning from modernism to much more traditional architecture, showing work from 1952 to the late 1960s.  Beautifully photographed by close collaborator Fernando Luna and his son Roberto E Luna, who capture not only the buildings but a moment in time. Text in English also includes plans for each project.

Good Condition

◦ Very rare - one of 4000 printed in 1972 
◦ Cloth and leather bound - we believe this book has been rebound in leather 
◦ 187 pages 
◦ Color Photographs measure 9 7/8" x 14.5" 

◦ 16" x 16 1/8" 

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